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New Band Discovered

What do you get when you put together three graduates from the Berklee College of Music? Well, you get some pretty talented musicians, but you also get Hemenway! Hemenway not only impressed me with their background and playing abilities, but their songwriting wasn’t to shabby either! One song that really impressed me was a song off their CD Fear of Landing. The song was called “Words of Others.” This song was so deep and so well written. This is Hemenway’s hit if you ask me. Radio Stations would be silly not to play it. I also got to hear tracks like “Anywhere” and “Calling Me,” which were also very good tracks and radio friendly! Hemenway formed in Boston while Chris Mosera (keyboards/vocals), Peter Kelly (guitar/lead vocals), and Wes Soriano (bass/vocals) were attending Berklee College of Music. The three realized a common love for the same type of music and decided to write their own stuff! Their CD Fear of Landing is an example of what they can do together! Holding up the back-beats and rounding out the line-up is drummer Sean McCormack, who is actually still in college, but what a great opportunity for him to learn from these guys! The guys from Hemenway say that the highlight of their career so far was opening a show for Doug Pinnick of King’s X. I honestly don’t think this will be the last highlight of this young band’s early career!