Fear of Landing

…..This is a 4-piece band that started out in Boston, and currently lives in the New York/ metro area, with at least one band member living on Long Island. The CD contains 8 songs of pretty enjoyable alternapop, with a very clean instrumental sound, and particularly strong male lead vocals and harmonies. Most of the songs are about being young, feeling lost, and searching for direction.

…..Among my favorite songs are “Calling Me,” which seems to be about deciding ones future path, and the title song, “Fear of Landing,” a slow, beautiful number that mixes some tasty piano in with a memorable guitar pattern, and features a lovely female background vocal. In the end, I liked the music on the CD a lot, but I had a hard time relating to it lyrically. You, on the other hand, might relate to them completely. The music is good enough that it’s at least worth a shot.